Dusan Vlahovic, captain of Partizan Belgrad, shows the sign of his team at the 2015 Memorial Gallini opening ceremony.

Remember this name: Dusan Vlahovic

The Memorial Gallini 2015 top scorer is already wanted from many top clubs, on the list: Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool, Anderlecht but especially  Juventus.

At the International Memorial Gallini tournament has been the top scorer with 8 goals, but his body strenght and technique, indeed is called the new Ibrahimovic, gave him the opportunity also to offer many assists and make the team score 22 goals only on the group.

Physique and strenght, with his 190 centimetres has no rivals of the same age. Scout-mans of many top clubs are already sure, he is the best under 16 player of the world.

The Serbian guy has great skills too, he shoots with the left foot and he is well able to manage the ball also out of the box.

Power, quality and attitude, these are the values that surprised the big football clubs. Dusan is famous for his will to give everything also in friendly matches.

For Juventus is not the first time that moves his agents soon after the end of a Memorial Gallini. Also Laurentiu Branescu indeed has played in Pordenone, right in a edition where Juventus reached the final, signing later soon the goalkeeper of the Romania National team.

Manchester City instead, chose another keeper that played still for Romania in Pordenone, who is Costel Pantilimon.

But these are not the only players that have take part to the Memorial Gallini reaching after City or Juve. For the British there are for example Luca Scapuzzi, Gallini 2005 with AC Milan, or Marco Motta for the bianconeri, best player with Atalanta in 2002, but also Filippo Boniperti, which played for the vecchia signora in Pordenone in 2006.

But also Liverpool and Anderlecht, the other teams interested in Dusan  has already signed some Gallinizers. The Reds has taken Lazar Markovic, that played for Partizan Belgrad in 2009 together with Aleksandar Mitrovic, that later went to Anderlecht. The Belgian team from the Memorial Gallini has also Steven Defour, Gallini 2003 with Mechelen.

The International Pordenone tournament “Memorial Gallini”, confirms in this way again to be one of the most important international hub of young champions.

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