Mizuno sponsor Tornei di Pordenone

Lazar Marković, other than being a Mizuno testimonial, is also a ‘Gallini Top Player’. He played indeed at the Tournament of Pordenone in 2009, and his signed t-shirt, together with many other precious items, will be shown at the Hall of Fame that will take place at the “Fiera di Pordenone” during the tournament.

Mizuno, one of the five most important companies in the sports sector worldwide, bases its entire work on a precise philosophy: contribute to a better society through the development of sport and the production of sports equipment quality.

On this basis develops a business strategy consistently geared to provide athletes of different sports – both professional and amateur – products that support the best performance, in a continuous search of excellence: a unique combination of technologies and care craftsmanship that makes Mizuno one of the brands most loved by athletes from around the world and of the most different disciplines.
All technologies are developed within the Mizuno “Sozo Studio” (sozo means “creation” or “imagination” in Japanese), which are used in 3D computer simulations to analyze in detail the reactions of the human body during sport and understand how the products can be designed to optimize the performance of athletes. All through environmentally friendly choices, with production methods and use of materials not harmful to nature.

Thus were born unique innovative solutions which arise as a benchmark for the entire sports industry, in an optimal combination of strength and comfort, freedom and security, practicality and style: from the revolutionary wave plate (the heart of the whole line of running shoes, able to ensure the best in terms of cushioning and stability) to the line of thermal clothing Breath Thermo (which generates heat by absorbing moisture from the body).

International Tournaments of Pordenone
Gallini World Cup and Cornacchia World Cup

For this first year of sponsorship, Mizuno will be at the Fair and at the finals with its client Area Sport, which will reserve special offers for all participants of the Tournaments, proposing Volley and Football footwears at significantly discounted prices.

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