1) Shared shuttle option (contact us for a quotation)
The local transfers of your team will be managed with shuttles shared with other teams. The group will be driven to the matches, restaurants and hotel at the times dictated by the organization, without choise. Rest breaks in the hotel after lunch and evening activities after dinner are not possible.

2) Private bus option (contact us for a quotation)
The group will have a private 50-seat bus available from morning until the evening. The driver will be always available and will satisfy any request related to schedules and routes that you will be up to you.

– Options 1 and 2 are valid for up to 50 people including parents and players;
– Options 1 and 2 are valid for one team only. If your Club participates with 2 categories, you will have to rent 2 buses. This must be done even if the total number of participants of your 2 teams is less then 50 people, because the matches will be in stadiums and times often not compatible;

3) Your own bus
For safety reasons, if you participate with your own bus, you must have 2 drivers; this is important also because distances and times often require to start early in the morning up until the late evening.
You must organize your travel plan to be able to participate to the opening ceremony and to the awards ceremony, even if you have a long trip back home.
At the arrival in Italy you must first go to the Pordenone Exhibition Center to finalize the registration of your team and just after that you can go to the Hotel. You can’t first check-in at the Hotel.

Transports of the participating teams of Gallini World Cup have always been managed with great care, also thanks to Ideal Viaggi and Autosystem, which provides drivers and buses of the utmost professionalism. Sightseeing tours and leisure programs can be organized upon request. In addition to this, we provide hostesses and translators, that will make the stay of our guests even more peaceful.

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