Following the suggestions of the scientific community, the Italian government toke strong decisions that will be active until April the 3rd, in order to neutralize any danger; this period should be sufficient to achieve the goal and secure all the national territory and all those who will later travel  to Italy.
The hope therefore is that from 4 April all restrictions will cease and normalily will be restored.
We understand the concerns of all the Clubs that have registered to our tournaments, but we must wait the development of the next two weeks to understand the effectiveness of the measures taken by the Italian government.
We want to be ready and we are working in the hope that the restrictions will be eliminated by April the 3rd.
Our tournaments will be held regularly if the scientific community and the Italian Government will not decide to extend the measures taken until April the 3rd.
We therefore invite you to wait to make decisions, and to be ready to celebrate the return to normality.
After this period of forced stop, we think that all our kids will have a great desire to play and socialize, which also applies to us adults.
We have decided to cancel the official presentation of the tournament in the town hall of Pordenone, as the calendars must be revised on April the 4th, based on the developments of the coming weeks.
We therefore give you the opportunity to wait until April the 3rd to take a final decision about your participation to the tournament, but we ask you to inform us about this decision on April the 4th.

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